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👋 Hi, my name is Maxime Labonne and I’m a research scientist in machine learning & deep learning at ✈️ Airbus Defence and Space. I have a PhD in machine learning applied to cyber security from the Polytechnic Institute of Paris (number 49 in QS World University Rankings). I’ve worked for the French Atomic Energy Commission, where I developed new machine learning architectures dedicated to anomaly detection and that are now sold and used in various industrial, national, and European projects.

In this blog, I want to write tutorials and guides about AI in a different way. I want to start with practice and implementation, and then move on to explanations. Even better, I would like to experimentally retrace the thought process of the original authors of the algorithms we use everyday to understand their design, the importance of each component, rather than using them as black boxes. Implementation is at the core of this process, since it is only by implementing by yourself that you discover all the assumptions and other details that are often ignored, but are nonetheless essential. Finally, I think this process is fun and allows you to practice tackling difficult problems to design new and suitable machine learning solutions.

I hope we can have fun together and learn a few things along the way. :)

If you want to contact me, feel free to send a mail at this address.